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Often we set a goal. Often we get disappointed when something gets in the way of our goal. But what if we were to set an intention instead?

I like to think of intention as something we send out “there” and let go. We release it into the hands of something larger than ourselves while attending to the needs of the day. This can free us up to then live more in the moment and to trust that what we are already doing is what we need to be doing.

It is much like sailing a boat. Your intention may be to get to point A, but depending on which way the wind is blowing, you may get there on a course you could not predict.

For the last 10 months, I have been setting daily intentions in the quiet of the morning. There is a sunny window in our kitchen with a simple wooden stool for sitting at the counter. I tucked a box of colored pencils and my dream planner into a nook on this counter so my day can start with a little creativity and simple intention setting in this quiet bright spot.

Sometimes, intention finds me. Other times I find inspiration in a heartening book. Either way, once intention arrives, I write it down in my planner, feel it in my heart/mind and then “power it up” with colored pencils. It’s a simple ritual that helps to set the foundation of my day.

What has struck me about this new habit of mine is how many of my intentions from months past have come to manifest in more recent days. It is almost as if my intentions have silently synchronized with natural forces, both internal and external, to bring me to where I am today. More specifically, to this latest chapter, Feather Rock Yoga & Wellness.

It’s definitely just the beginning. I am not entirely sure where it is going to take me. But I am happy to have your company as I attempt to let the winds of my intentions set the course for the arrival of my purpose.

With love and gratitude for your continued support,



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  1. This is beautiful Sammy, I felt peaceful, just reading through the website and looking at the photos. Very well done. Congratulations and I look forward to learning from it. You are a very special gift to the yoga community. Love, Lisa

  2. Hi Sammy,

    What a gift! Amazing! This is a beautiful, heart felt and informative site. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all. I look forward to visiting this site because you are always such an inspiration, healing soul and friend. XO Amy B

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