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sammy b. good ~ samantha brown goodrich


A few mornings ago, I woke to a view not seen before. It appeared as if a cloud had become trapped beneath the sky. I could see the surface of the river: calm water, no wind, and, just a few…

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Still Motion

I work out. Nothing extreme, mostly the stationary bike and resistance bands. I try to meet with a personal trainer once per week...
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Nuts Over Knives

Almost every day I find one. Sometimes two if it’s been a hectic morning. So close to the soapy sponge I can almost imagine it washing itself. The peanut butter knife. Neighboring coffee cups have been rinsed and put in…

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Ever found yourself on a roll paying bills? You've set the mood; you have everything at hand. For me, this means Spotify, diffuser blend, beverage, favorite pen. Not bad, right? Paying the bills just became the new "date night". This…

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Often we set a goal. Often we get disappointed when something gets in the way of our goal. But what if we were to set an intention instead? I like to think of intention as something we send out "there"…

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