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sammy b. good ~ samantha brown goodrich
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A pause in our human doings in support of our being human.

welcome to daily drops

Daily Drops are short audio reflections to support those curious about beginning, or sustaining,  a foundational personal meditation practice. Each drop is an invitation to pause our human doings in support of our being human, to cultivate a more steady, resilient, and less reactive mind.

I created Daily Drops out of my own experience of an emerging steadiness, strength, and clarity of mind when I practiced meditation for shorter periods of time and did so more often.

Daily Drops are now available on the platforms listed below (click the blue buttons) where I continue to upload recordings from the “sound studio” of my daily life. Thanks to listener support, this project is evolving in ways I could not have anticipated!

Stay tuned for more information as things develop and thank you for being here.



Hear from other Daily Drops listeners

“I am deeply grateful for your kind voice expressing a kind way of thinking. I have been listening to Daily Drops since 2019 and your energy has been lifting me for a long time now. For me, you have been like a mountain of a ship with a wonderful, lovely, still yet vibrant presence.”

“I have followed your podcasts on Podbean and am really enjoying it. I love the background sounds. Particularly, the seagulls. The name of the podcast is perfect and I am right on board with the whole premise! It also means I can hear your voice whenever I like. I look forward to your next season.”

“Sammy, this is great! I really enjoy the sound of your voice and clear conversational style. I appreciate the history lesson as mindfulness is such a broad topic and a nice way to hear things restated in your own words. I am impressed that you have taken the initiative to spread your teaching into the universe electronically.”


“I am so grateful for these Daily Drops. They continue to resonate with me and help me grow in my practice in a way I haven’t experienced in the past. There are so many layers to notice in our meditation! I love how Sammy ties these mini-meditations back into everyday living with a small exploration to try in one’s day.”

“I like the arc of the Daily Drops. Starting out with listening for background sounds of cars or wind or nothing. Then the sound of Sammy’s voice which has an engaging tempo. Then her words which sometimes are light and sometimes are heavy. Then the sit.”

“This is my first intro to meditation. It’s been wonderful to focus on my breath and take a moment. I am able to just be a little less reactive when things are coming at me.”

“I listened to a Daily Drop before sitting down to sketch. It was a great way to become centered. Sammy’s voice is so calming.”

Sam’s warmth, authenticity, encouragement, positive attitude and open heart inspire and propel my desire to keep developing my meditation practice and journey. She is masterful with her innate ability to meet me where I am emotionally – even over zoom – or as I absorb her “daily drops”. I think she sprinkles a bit of magic fairy dust over us as she teaches the art of being aware and present and calm.

Sammy is one of my favorite teachers. Her calm, nurturing energy and authenticity come through in all of her teachings. Sammy is always striving to challenge herself, grow and face life with an open heart and she brings the wisdom and peace of that practice to her students, gently guiding them on their own unique path. Her presence and teachings are a gift!

I LOVE starting my day with The Daily Drops!  It helps me set an intention for the day and stay more centered.  As a busy, working mom the length is just right and perfect for taking a quick break during the day.  If things get overwhelming, a Daily Drop brings me right back to center.

Drop into your seat. Connect with your breath. Pause On.

Follow Sammy on Instagram @sammybgood for additional information and community support.

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