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sammy b. good ~ samantha brown goodrich

Yoga is a process of learning about your own body, being comfortable in your own skin and knowing it is a process you can be in your entire life.

I teach an informed Vinyasa/Hatha style of yoga with emphasis on breath, alignment and joy in movement. It is my hope that practice becomes an expression for how students want to live, that what feels good in practice manifests in their lives. Through patience and compassion students will find, for themselves, all that is required for practice is their basic human ability to pay attention and to care.

Is a private lesson right for you?

Private lessons are specifically designed for a client’s needs. Lessons are one-on-one allowing clients to select days and times that work for them. When a client chooses to have their lessons in their own home, they eliminate travel distance to a studio space and, thus, save time. For this reason, private lessons are never rushed and clients get exactly what they need on any given day.

What can I expect in a private lesson?

After a brief intake “interview”, clients will experience sequences of movements with respect for any injuries and limitations while offering appropriate challenge. Props such as: bolsters, blankets, yoga straps and yoga tune up balls may be used to enhance a client’s experience of a posture. Questions and feed-back are encouraged during private lessons to ensure we are on track to meet specific goals if so desired.


Tuesdays | 6:30-7:15pm | Move & Meditate

Sub at On The Mat Yoga (check schedule online)

In the summer months, I teach weekly group and private yoga classes at the Town Hall on Cuttyhunk Island, MA. Our space has a beautiful tin ceiling, ocean breezes and all the charm of a small island community. All are welcome!

Private Yoga Rates

Ideal for the beginner student looking to become more familiar with alignment and posture before joining a larger group class. Also nice for those working with limitations and/or injuries. In a one-on-one session, sequences can be customized to better support a student’s of sense of being at home in their own body, heart and mind.

individual sessions

pairs sessions

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