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Ever found yourself on a roll paying bills? You’ve set the mood; you have everything at hand. For me, this means Spotify, diffuser blend, beverage, favorite pen. Not bad, right?

Paying the bills just became the new “date night”.

This was me the day before heading out of town for a few weeks of summer living. Writing checks to the beat of a friend’s new Spotify playlist with a cold beverage next to my checkbook. Feeling pretty non-plussed by the amount of each check I was writing (Online banking still makes me uneasy). I was in a flow of calculation and account balance equations. And then it happened.

Two stamps too late, I realized I had added postage to prepaid envelopes. Just going through the motions, oblivious to the details, I missed out on the generosity of two billing companies. I did try to unseal one stamp but destroyed the envelope in the process.

And so it can go with a yoga practice. We buy the right mat. We wear the comfortable clothing. We (try) to leave our ego at the door. The mood is set for us and class begins. Too soon, we find ourselves going through the motions of a Sun Salutation and our wrists feel sore. We find ourselves saying “yes” to going deeper into a pose when our knees are screaming “no”. We overdo. We miss out on the sweetness of an awakened practice.

Now, setting a mood can be a good thing. It can level, calm and prepare for the task at hand. The danger, however, is when being calm means being absent or disconnected from what is actually going on. We are in the doing but far from the being. 

There are details to paying bills that ought not to be overlooked. How many times have you mailed a check right back to yourself because you put the bill stub backwards in the return envelope? ( I know—online bill pay.)

And there are details to practicing yoga that ought not be overlooked. Things like safe alignment and steady breathing. Awareness of even just these two details might leave you feeling better at the end of the class than when you arrived.

Maybe awareness equals insurance.

So go ahead. Set that mood. But stay present enough, aware enough, not to miss out on the free postage, or the sweetness of your yoga practice.

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